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Reviews for Norbert’s Big Dream

Kirkus Reviews - June, 2016

The expression "when pigs fly" is given a new twist as Norbert the pig dreams of swimming--not in just any pond, lake, or ocean, but the English Channel.  Norbert trains day after day and dreams night after night until he feels ready.  . . . Bucci employs visible, broad brushstrokes and vivid colors to define the images and create a glossy patina. The technique is somewhat unusual, lending an eye-popping energy. While most kids will not know (or possibly even care about) the English Channel, they will find Norbert's antics to get there mildly humorous, and they will appreciate his friends' affectionate indulgence.  The message of dreaming big is secondary to the storyline, but Norbert is no stick-in-the-mud.”

Publishers Weekly - May, 2016

"While most pigs are satisfied with lolling around in the mud and sucking down slop, Norbert has other ambitions: “Since he was a wee piglet, Norbert dreamed of swimming the English Channel,” writes Degman (Cock-a-Doodle-Oops!). Norbert “practice[s] his flutter kick” in the mud, “munche[s] muscle-building foods,” and endures the taunts of his fellow pigs, who think his idea is ridiculous. But when the time finally comes to put his plans into action, there’s just one problem: where exactly is the English Channel, again? Using bright, thick, painterly swaths of color, Bucci brings Degman’s underpig hero to vibrant life, capturing the gleam of determination in his eye as he does pushups and his happy exhaustion after collapsing into a haystack after a day of training. After Norbert nearly gives up, unable to locate his destination, Degman supplies a happy ending, though it’s an unearned one—there’s no indication of why the other pigs go from snickering and snorting at Norbert to celebrating him with a channel that lets him live out his dream right there on the farm."

What readers are saying:

“Breaking out of the rhyming mold and into prose, Lori Degman shines in this character-driven story about a motivated pig with big dreams. Children will fall in love with Norbert's spirit. He's not afraid to follow his dreams and be different. As a bonus, the young reader will learn (without even realizing) that it's a pretty good idea to think things through when planning for a big goal. With winks at additional themes of friendship, staying motivated, and facing conflict, this story scores big on the teaching scale. (It's a great one for the beginning of any school year!) Illustrator Marco Bucci renders bright, colorful illustrations that make Norbert feel like a favorite cartoon television show. From cover to cover, Norbert's Big Dream is a work of art that children will adore.”

“A wonderful combination of humor and heart! Norbert will encourage everyone to dream big, and he will keep a smile on your face while he does it.”

“Norbert is a gem. Looking forward to his next big dream.”

“Norbert's Big Dream is perfectly pig-licious! Lori Degman's signature humor and heart shine in this tale of that will encourage kids to go for their dreams.”

“Love, love, love this book! Norbert is adorable! The author did a wonderful job of making Norbert and his friends come alive in the story. I love ALL the books by this author! We learn about friendship and taking care of others. This story and the message it sends is beautiful. This is a great book to give a as a gift!”

     “Great book to describe perseverance for children.”

“This is a great story about a pig who aspires to do things most pigs don't do. The illustrations are great and younger kids loved the story when I read it aloud to them.”

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