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For kids who like to write, here's a list of websites you should check out!

  1. Amazing Kids  -  Send them your fiction, non-fiction, and art.

  2. John Hopkins Link to Academic Competitions  -  talent search for students grades 5-6

  3. Kid World  -  jokes, contests and world-wide pen pals

  4. Mystery Net’s Kids Mysteries  -  Read and write mysteries and scary stories.

  5. Stone Soup  -  Listen to young authors read their own stories on-line!; submit your own.

  6. Wacky Web Tales  -  like “Mad Libs” on-line: fill in the blanks and it creates a story for you

  7. Winning Writers Site for Students  -  resources and contests for student writers

  8. WIT - Writing Info & Tips for Young Writers

  9. Word Dance  -  tips for writing haiku poems

  10. Writers Inspired - a list of sites for young writers

  11. Writing With Writers  -  great tips on different kinds of writing from real authors

  12. Young Writer Magazine  -  full of tips, ideas and prizes

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