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Lori Degman

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I grew up in a suburb north of Chicago, with my mom, brother and sisters, Rick, Mindy and Julie, and our cat, George.

Rick, Julie, me, Mindy in the backyard.

I attended MacMurray College, where I earned a Bachelors Degree in Deaf Education.  Later, I earned a Masters Degree in Early Childhood Education from National-Louis University.

Now, I am an Itinerant Hearing Teacher - that means I go from school to school and work with students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  This will be my LAST year - then I will be a full-time children’s author!!

I’ve always loved to write rhyming poems and song parodies and I started writing picture books when my sons were young and I was reading to them nonstop! 

Currently, I live in a different suburb north of Chicago with my husband, John, and my dogs, Pippa and Tucker.   My sons, Sean and Brian, are grown and living on their own - but I still get to see them a lot!       

Me, my older sis, Mindy and my twin sis, Julie.
Tucker cooling off!
Pippa  playing hide and seek!

Brian and Sean when they were little.

Some of my little known little talents:

~ I can juggle.

~ I know sign language.

~ I do tarot card readings ~ ooooooh!

~ I am pretty good at word and number puzzles.

~ I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue.

~ I-ay eak-spay ig-pay atin-lay (I speak Pig Latin).

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